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February 3, 2021 in article

How to Get a Gift From God

“They had hardly arrived when a Canaanite woman came down from the hills and pleaded, ‘Mercy, Master, Son of David! My daughter is cruelly afflicted by an evil spirit.’ Jesus ignored her. The disciples came and complained, “Now she’s bothering us. Would you please take care of her? She’s driving us crazy.” Jesus refused, telling them, ‘I’ve got my hands full dealing with the lost sheep of Israel.’ Then the woman came back to Jesus,…

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December 8, 2020 in Christmas

how to birth a new kind of Christmas

It’s been so many years now since I spent my days with a human foot attempting to dislodge one of my ribs and the weight of a baby’s head caused me to have to pee every thirty minutes, but the memory hasn’t faded yet. I remember being desperate, weary, and so incredibly uncomfortable. I wanted to hold the miracle of life in my hands and sigh with relief that the waiting was over at last….

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October 2, 2020 in article

Funny Letterboard Friday is So Anti-social Now

It's finally Friday, which means we are one week closer to the end of 2020. Are you as desperate as I am to shed 2020 like a bad outfit? To... Read More


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