ten perfect gifts to buy your wife for mother’s day

Mother’s Day is coming. With Easter being so late this year, it will be here before we know it.

As a pastor’s family, since Sunday is a major workday, this is one of the holidays that we celebrate a little differently than the usual American traditions of breakfast in bed, going to church as a family, and then a leisurely brunch that costs way too much.

About a decade ago, my husband learned not to wait until the last minute and leave a card on my seat at church with a Starbucks card in it, then wink and smile at me during worship. I didn’t appreciate that so much.

Thankfully, he’s done great ever since. (Way to go, babe!)

Mr. Fantastic has to get a little more creative since he leaves before I wake up on Sundays and works all day. Sometimes we celebrate on Saturday. Sometimes Monday. No matter what I always choose our lunch plans after church. This year I predict I will want to go home and eat Chinese take-out and chocolate cupcakes in my sweatpants, while watching the Mary Poppins with my kids. I’m classy like that.

For sure, though, I get a gift and a lot of love. And really, it is the thought that counts (as in, think of a great gift that shows a lot of love).

Because I think every mom deserves a fabulous gift on May 11, I did some of the thinking for all of you in the market for a great gift. I don’t get any kick-backs or points if you buy any of this. It’s a complete act of goodwill. Here are some possible pretties for you to bestow on the woman who loves your kids (and probably you) more than they deserve:

10. The Forget Me Not Necklace. It’s from noonday, so you can really impress her when you tell her that her new favorite necklace also helped elevate women in the world.

9. A Fancy Hammock. A hammock like this is fit for a queen. Throw in a good book and your wife will think she’s in heaven.

8.  “Mais Oui” print Let’s be clear: you can NEVER go wrong with French words written in gold and black.

7. Peonies. These are special flowers. So special. They only bloom for a couple of months in the year, and they are amazing. They’re also expensive when you buy them online, so check at Trader Joe’s or the local florist for a deal, or mix them with tulips, which are cheaper.

6.Ikabag. Pretty sure this looks like the best bag ever.

5. Nothing Bundt Cakes. Did you know you can have these delivered? Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Yum.

4. i heart my boys necklace. I can’t think of a better gift for a boy mom.

3. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right pillows. Because, really, you know she is.

2. Donate to a good cause, like Ordinary Hero. If your wife isn’t a “things” person, blow her away by donating to help mamas and babies in Africa this Mother’s Day. Slip a note in a sweet card and put it on a tray with an almond croissant, a cup of coffee, and a flower from the garden. She’ll love it, and you.

1. An entire day off. Call in Grandma, take the kids out all by yourself as SuperDad, or hire a babysitter. Let her do whatever she wants. Hand her a wad of cash and set her free, schedule the day with her favorite things and print out the itinerary, ask her best friend to take her out, or take her to every place she adores yourself. Bookstores, shopping, pedicure, haircut, lunch with a friend, romantic day at the lake with you, hit the gym, take a walk, lie in bed. She will never forget this gift.

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