how to love teenagers

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The early years of children are so noisy. Squawks, yells, tattling, and so many words about things like superheroes, dinosaurs,¬† princesses, trains, cartoons, and everything related to the toilet. I nearly lost my mind trying to navigate the constant racket of three boys born extremely close together. There were many days I really wasn’t up to the task. Then we had a baby girl, making me Mom to four kids under five years old, and…

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an advent prayer for the weary parent’s heart

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Morgan and I always seem to have these deep parenting talks in the dark of bedtime, when the day is over and dishes are done and we can rest at last. The conversation always begins the same way:“I’m not sure the kids are doing so great right now…”The sun has gone to bed, but my heart can’t rest after the long day of raising big kids. This weariness is different than the exhaustion of tending to…

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what kids really mean

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The other day, I asked the Lady a question and she said, “Sure.” When she realized I thought she meant, “Yes”, she got really mad.  “Sure doesn’t mean ‘Yes’,” she said. I asked what it did mean. She explained that it was a polite way of saying “No”.  Um, right…. Once again I was reminded that kids and parents are often speaking completely different languages. I thought I would pass on some of the translations…

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The Top 10 Ways Parenthood is Ridiculously Mysterious

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The Bible says that Mary treasured the mysteries about her son Jesus in her heart. I often think of that when I am in the middle of a confusing, mind-boggling, soul-scraping moment of parenthood. These relationships we have with our children are hard to figure out sometimes.  Relating to the partially developed brains of toddlers; loving little people that don’t really understand that you are a person too; helping a child to develop character for…

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a letter to Gibson

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My friend Beth is in the middle of a life storm. And it’s a doozy. She gave birth to a precious baby who is fighting for his life in the NICU. Gibson’s whole story is on Beth’s blog if you would like to read it. And if your heart is moved to help them out, there is a fund set up to help with the crazy hospital bills that accompany a storm of this nature…

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ten reasons to celebrate father’s day

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Mr. Fantastic kept the kiddos last week while I went out of town. The man lived up to his nickname. He took them to the pool, took them out for burgers, played Batman with them, and even had the house completely clean, laundry folded and put away, and the dishes done when I walked in at bedtime Saturday night. The man is a saint and a super hero all in one.Later he told me about…

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