You Are Doing Great

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Once upon a time, I had four children under five years old.    In those days, some tiny person was always waking me up in the middle of the night. I would change a diaper or make a bottle or calm a scared toddler before collapsing back into the welcoming cocoon of my bed. I was borderline obsessed with my bed back then. Then an hour later, a different tiny person was waking me up…

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god’s dream for us is revolution

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“Good morning, Revolution: You’re the very best friend I ever had. We gonna pal around together from now on.” -Langston Hughes   Some things have changed a lot since Langston Hughes wrote those words, but we are still awaiting the deep work of revolution to take its place in our world and in our lives. We need some miracles. Christianity, at its roots, offers us the opportunity to live beyond the comfortable and the usual in our…

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celebrating passover and remembering true joy

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Last night I flitted about in the grocery store, buying supplies to make our Seder dinner. I searched out bitter herbs, unleavened bread, an egg, some sweet apples and raisins, and grape juice. I stood at the meat counter and requested a lamb shank bone. “No bones, but I can sell you the whole shank,” the man informed me. “Great. I’ll take it,” I casually replied. He wrapped up the meat, printed out the price,…

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the most important question: a lesson from the Dollhouse family

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Everything is going to be okay. Really. I sat on the shaggy brown rug of my daughter’s room playing dollhouse with her. “You set up the bedrooms and I’ll do the bathrooms,” she instructed me. Five year old girls are very organized and a little bossy to boot. We made up all kinds of stories. Brother Johnny Dollhouse broke his leg and had to be rushed to Little People Princess Castle Hospital for a cast….

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when you fail as a mother

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You become a mother when you hold fresh life, all limp and exhausted from its womb journey, and you think, “I will keep you safe and make your life grand.“Much later the baby won’t stop crying in the restaurant, or the toddler pitches a royal fit on the toy aisle, or the grown child loses all sense and screams at you- in public, and it can be tempting to care too much about looking like a…

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chinese spaghetti

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Yesterday I drove to central Austin to pick up a Chinese woman we are hosting in our home this week. I was a little nervous. I really knew very little about her. I knew her name is Esther, that she speaks very little English, that she brought orphans from China to visit America and meet prospective parents, and that she is four months pregnant. My thoughts all orbited around her pregnant state. I’ve been pregnant…

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married to the ministry

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Being in the ministry was not really part of my plan. The plan was to be a designer/artist/decorator/shop owner. I was working a dream job with a production designer in Hollywood when I fell in love with my best friend who happened to be a campus minister. He married me despite the lack of Jesus-work on my resumé. I walked away from my plans forever, and straight into God’s plan for me. I don’t think…

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shaved heads

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When I was a teenager, one of my younger cousins, Michael, was diagnosed with leukemia. Like most cancer patients, he lost his hair during treatment. Michael was a surfer, and on the first day of his treatment all the other boys and their fathers from the surfing team showed up to support him. All of them had shaved their heads. Knowing they could never actually take his place and go through the discomfort of chemotherapy…

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holy walls

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The words, they sound like a truckload of bricks,Dropped in the lap, unexpected and unknown. What to build with these statements, fragments, and bits,Perceptions from a friend, opinions of this someone. Meant as keen kindness, a critical aid,Insights that burn the soul, sharp and deep.Two roads unveiled by these lips unfurled,Which way should the soul choose to creep? The first road is known, worn from much use,It has tempted many times the wounded heart.Along its…

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