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You Are Doing Great

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Once upon a time, I had four children under five years old.    In those days, some tiny person was always waking me up in the middle of the night. I would change a diaper or make a bottle or calm a scared toddler before collapsing back into the welcoming cocoon of my bed. I was borderline obsessed with my bed back then. Then an hour later, a different tiny person was waking me up…

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oy with the teenagers, already

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No one prepared me for being a mom of teens. There are a million blogs and books and podcasts about the early years of parenting: the sleep schedules, the weaning from pacifiers, the daycare struggle, the potty training. However, the thing about that early season of parenting is that you know the hard stuff will pass. Eventually, the baby will sleep; he won’t take a pacifier to middle school with him; she will learn to…

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let’s be adventurous

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Yesterday we packed up some snacks and drove to the Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. We’ve been studying WW2, and wanted to put some skin on the stories. The museum didn’t disappoint. As we entered, a grey-haired man in a museum vest looked my kids and said, “I’m so glad you came today. This place is here for you.” Then he looked at me and Morgan and thanked us for bringing them…

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my awkward week of solo parenting

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For four days, my husband has been on a work trip and I have been parenting solo. For the record, parenting solo is NOT the same as being a Single Parent. Single Parents are heroes who deserve a special lifetime of holy glory for all they carry through the long days of work and kids and life. I probably deserve a Snickers bar or a nice, frothy Coke for managing our kids and house for…

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what my son knows about beauty

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There we were, sitting in the middle of an expensive jewelry store, just me, my almost-twelve-year-old son, and the fancy ring lady. My broken engagement ring was on the counter in front of us. The fancy ring lady was helping me decide what to do about it after another salesperson had ditched us for a more lucrative client. I was still feeling the sting of it all when my son noticed the people across from…

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the importance of hospitality

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Too much. Too much on the calendar, too much to do, too much to remember. Too many. Too many plates spinning, too many people needing, too many crises in the world. Not enough. Not enough time, not enough energy, not enough me. If that doesn’t sum up the predicament we are in these days, I don’t know what does. My “baby” has turned seven, and when she asked how we should celebrate, I suggested we…

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a gospel for friday: the gift of one less worry in the bunch

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I, myself, am very slow to learn some lessons. The most recent example of being liberated from my own dullness is this: my daughter has strep throat this week, and when I picked up her medicine, I brilliantly asked the pharmacist for an extra measuring syringe. It has taken me eleven years of caring for sick children and dozens of trips to the pharmacy to land on this genius request. How many times have I scrounged the…

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raising a confident daughter

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Dear Confident Daughter,Gosh, I love you. I love the way the world fits you like a glove made for waving to the crowd. I love the way you naturally walk into your day with your chin up and your heart open. Your name means “Fair Warrior”, and you live up to all that it means. You wear ballet shoes while you karate kick your brothers. (Your HIIIYYYYAAAHHHH! sounds just like Miss Piggy’s, which is awesome.) You…

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gospel mama: the dance

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Even though my children are now all tall, handsome kids who can soothe my heart when life gets overwhelming and chaotic, some days my mind dwells on who they once were. Life changes too slowly and also ever so fast. A marvelous mental slideshow of their lives plays in my mind.  Motherhood weaves an odd tale of burnt toast. Babies begin as such delightful little things.The sweetness of early motherhood lulls us into submission. Babies are…

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gospel mama, part 4: empty love

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The golden morning sun seeped in through the slits in the blinds and baby birds squeaked outside in the branches of our live oak trees. “Mama!” a little voice whispered earnestly beside me in bed. Two boys were cozied up under the blankets, waiting for me to wake up. We aren’t cosleepers, but some mornings we are co-wakers. There is no more precious moment in my day than this one. My babies now walk around…

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