(Some of) My Favorite Etsy Shops

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Last week I stopped into one of my favorite shops in Austin, Vintage Fresh, and noticed that some of their wooden wall art was made by a company called Hemlock and Heather. I recognized the name because several years ago, Hemlock and Heather was just a little Etsy shop and they made my headboard after our bedroom flooded. Now their art is in West Elm. Go figure. Etsy is the only place something like that…

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the importance of hospitality

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Too much. Too much on the calendar, too much to do, too much to remember. Too many. Too many plates spinning, too many people needing, too many crises in the world. Not enough. Not enough time, not enough energy, not enough me. If that doesn’t sum up the predicament we are in these days, I don’t know what does. My “baby” has turned seven, and when she asked how we should celebrate, I suggested we…

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love it or list it

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Every Saturday, I spin my feet on the elliptical machine at the YMCA. HGTV’s “Love it or List it” plays out with all its scripted reality on the tv in front of me. These people, who live in old houses, and love it a little and also hate it a lot, are my comrades in life.Our old house has flooded, been struck by lightning, had pipes leak, bathtubs break, HVACs malfunction, and a host of…

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how eyeliner and a vacuum can build God’s Kingdom

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The week began with a text message from the ladies who clean my house: “We are sick and we won’t be able to come this week. So sorry!” I felt badly for them, but I also felt overwhelmed by this not-so-stellar news. So I prayed some really selfish prayers for them to be healed and show up as planned. I didn’t hear from them again. Our schedule was already packed with things like homeschool, assembling…

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home is

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I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week busily shuffling around my house doing all sorts of random tasks. It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that I realized what was happening. I was nesting. The spring semester of homeschooling begins on Monday and I know that I won’t get many more chances to be productive around here.  The trim work hasn’t been painted in thirty years and the kitchen cabinets are way more “shabby” than “chic”. …

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flood redemption

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I felt I should write one more post about our house flood that happened in July. You can read the other posts about it here and here. For weeks and weeks our little home was in upheaval. Most of our projects included multiple “one step forward, two steps back” situations. We were sleeping in the playroom. Many nights I found Legos in my bed. That room happens to be the hottest in the house, and summer’s…

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ten lessons of remodeling our bedroom

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I keep posting on and on about this room remodel we were forced into by a bad storm.  But, it has really been a crazy experience, and I still have more to say about it, apparently.  I would have expected to love all of this because I love design and projects, but because of timing, school starting, and my lack of communication opportunities with Mr. Fantastic, it has been smashing me into dust. What doesn’t…

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