here’s to all the flukes and the impostors out there

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Once upon a time I signed a book deal and wrote a manuscript and sent it off to my publisher. Writing over 60,000 words should feel like a lot of work, but it felt so stinking fun for me. It was fun to figure out what works, fun to see the word count slowly grow and grow, fun to know that a few someones would someday read a whole book I wrote (even if those…

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mad respect for summer people

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Greetings, fellow Summer Warriors! How is the fight for greatness going in 2019 for you? Are you killing it this year, achieving your epic summer goals? Or are you on the Summer Struggle Bus like I am?  I actually have a photo of my Summer Struggle Bus. I chose this one because if you’re going to fail at doing summer right, you might as well be in a wicked cool vintage vehicle: The thing is,…

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how to really succeed in life

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Each one of these people of faith died not yet having in hand what was promised, but still believing. How did they do it? They saw it way off in the distance, waved their greeting, and accepted the fact that they were transients in this world. People who live this way make it plain that they are looking for their true home. If they were homesick for the old country, they could have gone back…

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when we watch and pray

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Then [Jesus] said to them, “My soul is very sorrowful, even to death; remain here, and watch with me.” And going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed, saying, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” And he came to the disciples and found them sleeping. And he said to Peter, “So, could you not watch with me…

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joy candles

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“Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.”  -Psalm 89:15 Last night I shouted to my fiercest child, “Hey, baby! Want to make a cake?!” “SURE!” he tumbled down the stairs, ready to conquer the world. That kid loves to do hard stuff if it ends with some kind of sugary treat. He measured out the ingredients, mixed them up, and we ate…

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song of joy: out with the old, in with the new

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Last December, I prayed and asked God to name 2014. He told me to call it “New Things”, and so I did. I wrote about the hope of those words here, but I had no idea how the year would go.The newness has been a bit of an undoing in my soul, and I am thankful for the way God led me last year. But it’s been challenging and hard, dark and yet in many ways…

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advent: hearts filled by waiting

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Last Saturday, seven happy and slightly sleep-deprived children woke up at the crack o’ dawn ready to go outside to jump, shout, and generally whoop it up on the a trampoline in the backyard. Four weary parents shook their heads and delayed the fun until a later hour. “The neighbors are all still sleeping. You guys can go out in two hours,” we said. {Because, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS, just shush for a…

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our most pressing destiny

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I sat on the sofa today reading a children’s bible story to the Lady. Joseph. Dreamer. Favored one. Slave. Favored. Prisoner. Mighty savior. He wore cloaks that were used against him. First his brothers lied about his bloody cloak to cover up their mistreatment of him. Later Potipher’s wife used the cloak she ripped from him to falsely accuse him of attacking her. It’s nice to look good on the outside, to perform well, for…

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7 unethical things that {probably} happened at grammie’s house

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A few weeks ago, Mr. Fantastic and I went to Florida sans the little people. {JOY!} We left our kiddos in the capable hands of their grandparents.{MORE JOY!} When we got back, the whole lot of them were smiley and had suspiciously very little to report. At first all they said things like:“Everything was great!”“We missed you! Glad you’re back!”“We had so much fun!”Tiny, slightly suspicious details have occasionally surfaced, though. It’s difficult to get…

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shining in the shadow

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“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”-Psalm 91:1 I stood in my kitchen and living room last Friday, mentally choosing new colors for all the surfaces in my house. Because that’s what we do here in the first world, when our souls yearn for change, for freedom, for new things from God: we rearrange our lives, reschedule our time, and repaint our walls. We…

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