the long road of motherhood

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I spend most of my afternoons in the car, picking kids up and dropping them off all over town. If Uber wanted to create a better system for finding experienced drivers, they should just hire empty nester moms who are well-used to being summoned by text because “practice is done. plz come get me”, or “sam needs a ride, too. can we drop him @ home?” IT IS MY JOY TO SERVE YOU AND YOUR…

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oy with the teenagers, already

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No one prepared me for being a mom of teens. There are a million blogs and books and podcasts about the early years of parenting: the sleep schedules, the weaning from pacifiers, the daycare struggle, the potty training. However, the thing about that early season of parenting is that you know the hard stuff will pass. Eventually, the baby will sleep; he won’t take a pacifier to middle school with him; she will learn to…

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cultural phenomenon: why moms hate the last weeks of school

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Last August I fired myself as a middle school homeschooling teacher, and we enrolled our three oldest kids in public school. We didn’t know if we would like this new way of life. It was a big change, and change is scary. However, given my lack of talent for organizing three middle schoolers’ assignments and grades and our determination not to produce children who are complete dunces, it seemed like the only logical step. I…

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how to love teenagers

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The early years of children are so noisy. Squawks, yells, tattling, and so many words about things like superheroes, dinosaurs,  princesses, trains, cartoons, and everything related to the toilet. I nearly lost my mind trying to navigate the constant racket of three boys born extremely close together. There were many days I really wasn’t up to the task. Then we had a baby girl, making me Mom to four kids under five years old, and…

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all my feelings re: sending my kids to public school

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For the last eight years, all of our kids have been homeschooled. It’s so weird. I didn’t even want to homeschool my kids when they were little. I used to pray and ask God to please, please, please give us a great public school. But then we moved and I heard some concerning things about the school my oldest was supposed to go to for kindergarten. Kindergarten seemed like an easy thing to teach a…

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middle-aged mom life is a real thing

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When I imagined myself as a mom, it was always as a young mom of very small children. It is a pure shock to me that that stage has ended in many ways for me. I can’t really explain my utter lack of reality, except to say I like babies and wish my kids could be Peter Pan. However, my oldest will be a TEENAGER on Saturday, and I feel like Alice when she went…

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god bless the christmas mamas, every one

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Around here, Christmas looks something like this: It’s Christmas lights and long lines and photo cards and apple cider and a last minute this and a beautiful that and it is all going too quickly. We play cards and dominoes, Sorry and twenty questions, and we eat too much chocolate and laugh too loud, we stay up too late and the kids are too excited to sleep in and it’s the only Christmas these beautiful faces…

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the hidden gift in motherhood

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We have been at the pool almost every night for the past few days. Post-dinner swimming is my favorite part of summer living in Texas, where even after the Sun has set, the air hangs all hot on your neck like a wool sweater. The boys hit each other with pool noodles in some kind of destructive boy ritual, my daughter calls out for me to watch her do tricks and flips underwater, and I…

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On Being Imaginary Awesome

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{Hi everyone! Our family is still on vacation in East Texas, but today I’m guest posting over on Amber Salhus’s blog today. Here’s the beginning of the post,you can just click on over to read the rest of the post…} When I was six years old, my friend Dayna and I liked to play hospital. One of us was the pregnant woman, the other was the nurse/Doctor/entire hospital staff. I had seen an episode of…

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fun summer mom

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Every morning of the week week we dragged our lazy summer selves out of bed, dressed, breakfasted, driven in stop-and-go traffic, and deposited Boy 2 at an art class downtown for three hours. Then my tired, slightly grumpy crew of three kids and I sought adventures. We splashed in the river, rode a train, climbed a mountain, played at the park, ate in cafés, and sipped hot cocoa by Lake Austin. With my list of…

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