proverbs 31

why I laugh

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“She can laugh at the days to come.”-Proverbs 31:25 Maybe I just think it is all wonderfully ridiculous. Maybe I think it’s ludicrous how He has chosen to make much of the little we bring to Him after all those years of trusting Him from the hidden place in which He put us. Maybe I think that a church that once struggled, now thriving and growing is better than the best feel-good flick Hollywood ever made. Maybe…

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Proverbs 31: who I am

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Yesterday I wrote a post about  Proverbs 31. I keep having this gnawing feeling that this passage is easily dismissed by our culture’s ideas of modern femininity. Through the modern lens, it could be easy to resent that this woman’s value is derived from her capacity to benefit her husband. It seems very antiquated until you factor in that these words are advice form a mother to her son about what kind of woman to marry….

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Proverbs 31: making space for a man

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After spending any short amount of time around Christian culture you will eventually hear about the Proverbs 31 woman. Personally, I groan a little inside when this is the main text at a women’s ministry meeting. I ache when I hear a single guy say they want to be a “P31” wife. And I may even get a little nauseous when someone tries to compare a real person’s daily life to the woman in that…

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