who’s really winning in the conversation about women in leadership

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  After my son’s baseball game last Saturday, I overheard two of his teammates discussing who would receive the game ball. “You know he’s gonna get it,” one said, with enthusiasm and genuine joy. He was referring to my son, who had made the ball scream over the fence for his first-ever home run, and then struck out the side as pitcher in the next inning. He had never played so well in his life….

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on being a revolutionary ordinary woman

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We were hurrying out the door to meet my friend, Gina, so she could do me a HUUUGE favor and take some photos for me, and one of my boys lobbed this doozy at me: “When are we going to take down the Christmas lights on the house? I mean… it’s February.” What??? The lights are still up? I had forgotten. I hadn’t noticed. I had subconsciously deleted the task from my to-do list. I…

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middle-aged mom life is a real thing

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When I imagined myself as a mom, it was always as a young mom of very small children. It is a pure shock to me that that stage has ended in many ways for me. I can’t really explain my utter lack of reality, except to say I like babies and wish my kids could be Peter Pan. However, my oldest will be a TEENAGER on Saturday, and I feel like Alice when she went…

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how god mingles his holiness with our humanity

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First today, I have some quotes that make me want to jump up right there where you are and make a run for Jesus all around the room: “You have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” —Augustine, Confessions “If God has given graces to some good women, revealing to them something holy and good through His Holy Scriptures, should they, for the sake of the defamers of…

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making sense of beauty with my daughter

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When I was pregnant with her, I wondered if it would be different. After three sons, I wasn’t sure what would it be like to raise a daughter.{Girls are different, you know.} I delight in my boys. I am smitten and enthralled by their plucky way of conquering the world. Boys who need their mama make the world go ’round with love, love, love.Raising a girl, though, will undo the knots life has tied in your soul.I…

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how to lose collagen and still gain in beauty

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When I was a kid, like all decent 1980s families, we had a navy blue GM conversion van. We bought it to replace our old VW bus. In hindsight, we now know this was a tragedy- VW buses are worth a fortune these days and only scary child-snatchers drive conversion vans in the new millennium. But at the time, we were wooed by the wood paneling and custom carpet kit that blue van boasted. We…

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what my son knows about beauty

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There we were, sitting in the middle of an expensive jewelry store, just me, my almost-twelve-year-old son, and the fancy ring lady. My broken engagement ring was on the counter in front of us. The fancy ring lady was helping me decide what to do about it after another salesperson had ditched us for a more lucrative client. I was still feeling the sting of it all when my son noticed the people across from…

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raising a confident daughter

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Dear Confident Daughter,Gosh, I love you. I love the way the world fits you like a glove made for waving to the crowd. I love the way you naturally walk into your day with your chin up and your heart open. Your name means “Fair Warrior”, and you live up to all that it means. You wear ballet shoes while you karate kick your brothers. (Your HIIIYYYYAAAHHHH! sounds just like Miss Piggy’s, which is awesome.) You…

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midlife and mercy for the mamas and the papas

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Growing up is hard to do.Because we live in the land of the free and the brave; because our parents told us that we could do anything we set our minds to do; because the blessings of capitalism and democracy have declared that we can “have it all”; because of all those things and more, we spend our youths continually growing and expanding. It is an adding, this growing up of ours: adding skills, knowledge, responsibilities,…

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you’re, like, really pretty

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You’re like, really pretty. Yes, you. I mean it. You are. {Stop shaking your head and rolling your eyes at me.} I don’t care what that boy in fourth grade said, what your daddy never said, what your mama did say, what the celebrity magazines always say, or what the commercial on tv just said. Any words or moments that have robbed you of knowing you’re pretty are just a pack of lies wrapped in…

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